Music style: Death Metal / Symphonic Death Metal / Metal
Instrument: REMO Drumheads


Everything started with Led Zeppelin's "Rock and Roll" drums intro. Born in Austria in 1989, Kerim "Krimh" Lechner grew up with rock music of the 70s. His fascination with loud drums has always been a part of him, but Kerim did not pick up the sticks until he was 13. It quickly became clear to him that he had found his life's dream. In 2007, the international drum community became aware of him when he presented his first drum covers on YouTube. He quickly gained new followers and got his first offers from international bands.

Decapitated from Poland were the first professional band to employ Kerim. After some world tours and a joint album "Carnival Is Forever", he left the band to seek new musical challenges. During this time, Kerim focused mainly on his solo project "Krimh" in which he plays not only drums, but also guitar and bass. Three solo albums have been released since 2013; ''Explore'', ''Krimhera'' and ''Gedankenkarussell''. He remained faithful to his Youtube channel "Krimh Drummer" and filmed new drum kit videos. Among other things, two Slipknot audition videos, which brought him millions of views.

In 2013, Behemoth, Poland's biggest metal band, joined him. They were looking for a replacement drummer for their drummer Inferno, who was taken ill. After just 4 joint rehearsals, they went on the stage. Krimh played over 30 shows with Behemoth in Europe, Asia and Australia.

Septicflesh was the next band to hire Krimh as a full-time drummer. Since 2015, Krimh is a permanent member of the Greek Symphonic Death Metal Band. After a successful album "Codex Omega", the long dream to perform with a real orchestra finally came true. On February 2, 2019, they played in Mexico City in front of 3,200 people with a full orchestra, choir and a children's choir.

"Krimhs" Youtube Kanal: