Music style: Drum Circles
Instrument: REMO World Percussion
Webpage: www.drum-circles.org


Roland has been a citizen of the world and a drummer since childhood. For 12 years, he lived on three continents outside Europe. He has been an enthusiastic drummer and percussionist for 25 years. Training, partly on site, in Cuban and South American, as well as West African drumming culture.

As a trained drum teacher, he taught for five years at a music school in the USA. There he had his first drum circle experience. Later he studied with Arthur Hull. During his drum training he was convinced of the incredible potential of drumming. His studies in music therapy and training as a systemic counsellor were the logical continuation.

Since 2018, Roland has been running a local Open Community Drum Circle on a monthly basis. Furthermore, he was able to gain experience with Drum Circles in different contexts: Teambuilding events in companies, clinics, social institutions, at private events and with refugees. Approximately 500 people took part in his largest Drum Circle.

Roland always finds it fascinating how people who have never held a drum before quickly find their way in the group and fit into the groove, usually reaching a flow state where they can completely switch off, centre themselves, simultaneously resonate with others and experience belonging. The group flows in a common pulse. The result is a rousing experiential event in which people find each other through rhythm - a catalyst for group processes!

VMC Graduated Facilitator