ith the GEWA NOVITA 3.0 E-violin, GEWA Strings is breaking new ground and expanding its portfolio of high-quality classical string instruments.

The newly developed NOVITA 3.0 was completely developed by GEWA under the direction of project manager Thomas Böhme. With the previous GEWA models, we could discuss many experiences with musicians and collect new ideas. The completely redeveloped instrument, NOVITA 3.0, is the result.

As with an acoustic violin, classical materials have been selected for the NOVITA 3.0. The body is made of solid spruce and maple. Maple is also used for the neck and ebony for the fingerboard. These woods have been chosen to stay as close as possible to classical string instrument building and to comply with the desire to use as few plastics as possible.

''As a rock musician, I mostly play traditional instruments and have never been able to get excited about e-violins. When I tried out the new GEWA e-violin, I was surprised how wonderfully this instrument works. Very similar to a traditional violin - and very pleasant to play." - Rodrigo D´Erasmo

With its weight of about 550 grams, including all the components, as well as its balance, the NOVITA 3.0 is very close to an acoustic violin. All of the instrumental scale lengths were taken from standard measures of a classical violin; in this respect, there is nothing to get used to!

Filip Jancik: ''What's really great is the pleasant feeling of playing this instrument. It offers all the relevant characteristics of a classical violin. Try them out. You will be amazed!''

The designer scroll completes the consistently elegant overall concept of the electric violin from GEWA Strings. The fine tuning pegs, tailpiece, the ''Zurich" chin rest and the ''Isny" shoulder rest come from the Wittner company.

The E-Violin is equipped with a bridge from Aubert (with piezo system that is mountable directly onto the bridge, either on the left or right) and AlphaYue strings by Thomastik Infeld. The semi-gloss finish allows the visual preservation of the wood structure.

It was very important to GEWA Strings to create a bridge between classical and modern with their own knowledge of classical string instrument making; a modern body and scroll form, high-quality components and a specially developed pickup system. The NOVITA 3.0 E-Violin is available in the black, reddish brown and golden brown colours.

The NOVITA 3.0 E-Violin is available in the black, reddish brown and golden brown colours.

Also, the GEWA NOVITA 3.0 fits perfectly into all GEWA violin cases.

Texte: Steffen Schneewind / Jan Linda
Photos: Mandy Mellenthin / Video: Filip Jancik
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