avid Wallin, born in '76 and drummer of the Swedish power metal institution HammerFall, has always been a regular at the 4Sound Slagverket Store in Stockholm.

Since the very beginnings of his musical career, he has been in the company of the drum pros at Slagverket in the Swedish capital, as well as DW, the fine Californian drum makers!

Useful "hang out"

David and his musically enthusiastic study friends breathed in the spirit of music from early on; they often met after university at the nearby 4Sound Slagverket Store - a genuine, straightforward place of rock!

Not only could you try out the most up-to-date drum sets and hardware there, you were also automatically in contact with drummers of all kinds from the Stockholm music scene. In the beginning, they built up a very solid network – it was highly personally and in the times that preceeded Facebook and co.! The regular meet-ups enabled the young musicians to mature.

It turned out to be a very useful "hang out" at 4Sound Slagverket; after three years studying at the Stockholm Musical Conservatory and one year at RML, David went on tour as a pyrotechnician, working on gigs for bands like Twisted Sister, Motörhead, Europe and In Flames, and many more. In addition to studio and tour work for bands such as Blacksmith and Stormwind, and the Industrial Metal Act PAIN (Peter Tägtgren), David Wallin has been the drummer of Swedish power metal band HammerFall since 2014.

4Sound Slagverket has always had the best of its kind - from the Gretsch Brooklyn set to the DW Collector's kit and much more.

4Sound Stores have been around since 1991. The Slagverket Store in Stockholm opened its doors in 1995. The former store manager, Urban Näsvall, was one of the first to bring DW drums to the Swedish market.

"Here you can just feel the vibe - the soul - of drumming" beamed the native Australian Matt Silver, who has been managing the store for more than eight years. "Many musicians from Stockholm and the surrounding area come to us, either alone or even with the full band, to find out about the latest products and trends. And that's exactly what we want to offer with the shop; just come in and get the best advice. It‘s a real home for drummers in Sweden!”

A visit to 4Sound in Stockholm is worthwhile for any drum freak ... if you're ever in the area.

But that's not all; there’s more about the 4Sound Slagverket Store in Stockholm in the video!

Texte: Steffen Schneewind
Photos: Florian Döring
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