he American Eric Moore is one of the hottest drummers of the moment.

He’s making a particularly strong impression on the younger generation with his huge Gospel chops.

He’s mastered how he handles social media platforms like no other and gives his fans deep insights into his life as a professional drummer.

His gratitude and liveliness are clearly reflected in his way of playing drums; energetic grooves and a seemingly explosive hardness, paired with an incredible speed, are the result of years of "experience and enjoyment" of his instrument.

We had the opportunity to speak to Eric Moore on the extensive "Vita Ce ne`" World Tour with Italian superstar Eros Ramazzotti.

We were keen to find out how this collaboration came about. Italian pop music is sometimes a bit softer than the fusion or hip hop genre in which the former drummer of Suicidal Tendencies usually plays.

Although the music of Eros Ramazzotti is likely to offer space for extensive chops, these wouldn’t seem to serve the songs. Nevertheless, Eros Ramazotti wanted to work with Eric for that very reason. For Eros, hardly anyone else knows how to give the songs the right accents in just the right place.

This is underpinned by the fact that Eros' management has been trying to book Eric for previous tours since 2012. But the most recent tour has worked out and so Eric is behind his DW Design Series Kit for the next 100 shows.

The contribution of GEWA Drums to this tour

When Eric asked us for a suitable setup from the design series at the beginning of February, the joy was on our part, because the series is loved by us and many of our customers.

In April 2019 we had the chance to capture a few more strong cases for this affordable series from DW in image and sound.

At the show in Leipzig, we took a closer look at the set and were completely blown away by the fat sound and the ingenious look.

The drums are just perfect for the shows with Eros, because they deliver the punch - but also the attack - that it takes to make the sound engineer's job as easy as possible.

The set-up is also relatively ‘’non-pimped’’ and, except for the drumheads, it is commercially available exactly as it is. Except for the Gong Drum - a modified 20" Design Series Bass Drum - everything else is "straight out of the box”.

The set-up consists of the following drums:

DW Design Series Drums (gloss white) from left to right

- 14“ x 14“ Floor

- 12“ x 09“ Tom

- 14“ x 05“ Snare

- 10“ x 08“ Tom

- 12“ x 08“ Tom

- 22“ x 18“ Bass Drum

- 16“ x 14“ Floor

- 20“ x 12“ Bass Drum (as gong drum)

additional Snare drum in the setup

- 14“ x 08“ LP Banda Snare

additional Snares

- 14" x 08“ DW Performance Snare Drum (gloss white)

- 14“ x 08“ DW Performance Snare Drum (chrome over steel)

- 14“ x 6,5 DW Collectors Aluminum Snare Drum

DW 9000 Series Hardware

Texte: Nico Nevermann
Photos: Mandy Mellenthin
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