concert on the EUROPEAN STADIUM TOUR 2019 by the Berlin-based pyromaniac Rammstein is in all respects a superlative of its own.

The working conditions for people and material could not be more extreme: fire, heat, sweat. No time to breathe in, with more than two hours of full throttle in sports stadiums across Europe.

For it’s ‘baptism of fire‘, Rammstein's drummer Christoph Schneider used the DW Collector’s Series Jazz kit on the tour opener at Schalke FC’s arena in Germany at the end of May. In the Ruhr Valley, where coal was mined for centuries and where the blast furnaces of the "Potts" made industrialization possible in Germany in the middle of the 19th century, hardly a more appropriate starting point is conceivable for the start of the stage tour through Europe with the world-famous Industrial Metal / New German Wave Rammstein.

And Schneider's DW Collector's "Jazz" kit? It is bombastic - show for show! Like a diamond, it sits enthroned on the centre of the stage; with its matte black finish and blood-red Rammstein cross on the black REMO kick drum resonant head, it fits perfectly into the gloomy, steel-dominated stage of the current Rammstein tour, which goes from one cauldron to the next.

Old love never dies

For the new Rammstein album, Christoph Schneider remembered the start of his drumming career in newly reunited Germany. After the fall of the Berlin Wall, Christoph Schneider had seen a DW kit - on the recommendation of Richard Z Kruspe, who later became Rammstein‘s lead guitarist. This kit became Christoph's most faithful companion at the beginning of the 1990's and is still on duty in Richard's studio in Berlin today.

In early 2018, Christoph thought back to that time. He was in contact with the American drum makers, Drum Workshop, and during his visit to their factory in Oxnard, California, Christoph and the people at DW were immediately on the same wavelength. The foundation stone of an excellent partnership had been laid; Christoph was completely convinced by all the possibilities that lay with Drum Workshop and immediately became part of the DW-Family!

At GEWA Drums in Adorf, Vogtland (Germany), more than 25 years after his first experience of DW, Christoph Schneider was impressed by the new drums from the respected Californian brand. In March 2018, just in time for the recording of the long-awaited new Rammstein album, the masters of drum construction at DW made a custom ‘‘Schneider‘‘ Collector’s Series "Jazz" kit, made in America with maple/gum shells and chrome hardware – of course, in the style of Rammstein in matte black. (Link to the blog entry)

The triad of Christoph Schneider's precise imagination of sound, Drumtech guru Rossi Rossberg's expertise and the limitless possibilities that DW provides, formed a drum set that has more than lived up to the demands of the industrial giants at Rammstein. The finishing touches for the tour set-up were added in the studio; along with the choice of heads, the 13'' tom was decided upon. Live, Christoph uses REMO Pinstripe heads on his "Jazz" kit.

Founded in 1994, the East Berlin Sextet, named after the US Air Base in the Rhineland-Palatinate Ramstein, which became known worldwide after a disaster at its public air show on 28 August 1988, knows how to provoke with socially critical lyrics. With its musically processed serving of taboo topics, the band reaches a steadily growing audience in the Hofmannsthal style ("you have to hide the profound on the surface").

DW is happy to have such a high-calibre endorser with Christoph Schneider!

Here is Christoph Schneider’s complete tour set-up:

DW Collector's Series "Jazz" Kit with Maple/Gum shells

Matte Black / Chrome Hardware

2 - 24 x 18 kick

1 - 13 x 10 tom

1 - 16 x 16 floor tom

1 - 18 x 16 floor tom

1 - 21 x 16 gong drum

He also has the following snare drums in his new setup:

1 - 14 x 6 DW Collectors Edge Snare (main snare)

1 - 12 x 5 DW Collectors Maple Snare (side snare)

The set is rounded off with:

2 - Design Series Concert Toms (6x5 / 10x5)

Also in terms of hardware, Christoph relies on the flagship drum rack, stand and pedals (DW 9000 hardware series).

Texte: Steffen Schneewind (English translation: Gemma Hill)
Photos: Mandy Mellenthin / RAMMSTEIN