With the PDP Spectrum series, DW has created a set with a staggeringly strong sound at a price that is more than beginner-friendly! The hybrid shells are made from a maple/poplar mix and deliver a punchy, dry sound. ﷯ Another reason for the direct sound are the newly developed FTMs — "Floating Tom Mounts“. The PDP Spectrum set is also equipped with the renowned PDP True Pitch tension rods and heads by REMO. The set in the video with Felix Lehrmann is available in a "Cherry Satin“ finish. Other finishes: "Ebony Satin" and "Ultra Violet Satin". ﷯ Real eye-catcher: The PDP Teardrop Turret Lugs and the round Spectrum Series badge on the drums: ﷯ The set in the video consists of a 20x16 '' Bass drum, 10x08 '' and 12x09 '' Toms, a 14x14 '' Floor tom and a 14x5.5 '' Snare drum (GEWA Drums item no .: PD803.000-004). ﷯ The set in all three colours (''Ebony Satin“, ''Ultra Violet Satin“, ''Cherry Satin“) is also available in two other combinations: 12x09’’ Tom, 16x14’’ Floortom, 22x18’’ Bassdrum and 14x6.5’’ Snare drum (GEWA Drums item no.: PD803.020-024) OR 10x08’’ and 12x09’’ Toms, 16x14’’ Floortom, 22x18’’ Bassdrum and 14x5.5’’ Snare drum (GEWA Drums item no.: PD803.040-044). About Pacific Drums and Percussion (PDP): As a brand of Drum Workshop Inc., whose products are the industry standard in the field of drums, pedals and hardware, Pacific Drums & Percussion (PDP) offers beginner and professional musicians’ drums, pedals and hardware in mature series production. PDP was founded in 2000 to offer high-quality drums in a reliable range to every drummer. As many Drum Workshop products need to be selected individually by the drummer themself, DW wants to do justice to the drummer who likes to make their own choice from selected combinations with PDP by DW.

Texte: GEWA music GmbH
Photos: GEWA music GmbH
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