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How did you get to open your store? What is the story behind it?

Musik Sandner: Music and instruments are a matter of the heart

500 guitars, 150 grand pianos, upright pianos and keyboards, more than 50 complete drum sets, plus 100 accordions, a wide variety of wind and string instruments, studio, recording and DJ equipment: at Musik Sandner, service means not least a wide selection. Musicians can try out and select the individually suitable instrument or equipment at their leisure and with the support of expert advice on the 2000 square meter exhibition area on six floors.

 "With us, every musician will find the right instrument", knows owner Peter Sandner. Electronics are also part of the Sandner repertoire, amplifiers for various fields of application as well as keyboards and electronic organs. The wide range of second-hand and new instruments, which puts even music stores in many a big city in the shade, also opens up a wide price range. Music students with their parents will therefore find what they are looking for, as will hobby and professional musicians.

But comprehensive sales advice is by no means the end of the story at the company, which was founded in 1977 and has been based in Limburg since 1981. Regular maintenance, cleaning and, if necessary, repair of the ornate instruments in the company's own workshop are just as much a part of the job as the procurement of even unusual sheet music. "It's time-consuming, but when our customers come to us and audition a melody, we find the right sheet music," says Peter Sandner. And if the artistic need is great, then he and his team also procure replacements for defective instruments at short notice.

When Jutta Sandner founded the business in Linter, near Limburg, in 1977, it was not foreseeable that just a few years later it would become one of the largest piano houses in Europe.

In 1981, the move to Limburg's city center was completed and from then on, customers could be inspired by the world of musical instruments on 6 floors on a total of 2000 m². Even then it was true: "The longest way is worth it! Even today Peter Sandner likes to say this sentence to his customers on the phone, because the personal contact, a professional talk and touching the instruments on the spot are the most important things when buying!

The entire team at Musik Sandner lives and loves music. Therefore, all salespeople are there for their customers with all their heart. And since almost all brands and manufacturers are represented at the store, the customer is always recommended the best solution for him.

Which highlights in your store would you like to tell us about?

Our customers include Rea Garvey, Kathy Kelly, Helge Schneider, Status Quo, just to name a few. Since we are located in the immediate vicinity of the Stadthalle, the guest artists often come to visit us!


 Why do you sell Ovation Guitars and what do you think is unique about this brand?

We are convinced of the distinctive look and unique sound of these instruments, the whole portfolio throughout. Ovation is for us a timeless classic!

Musik Sandner | Schiede 28-30 | 65549 Limburg

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