How did you get to open your store? What is the story behind it?

I (Armin Engelhard) started in the early 1980s, still as a student, to build up a small sound studio and to rent out the small PA of my (student) band. In 1987, this turned into a commercial PA rental company, and little by little, it also became a company for the rental and sale of event technology and musicians' equipment.

At the beginning of the 2000s, musical instruments were added, mainly guitars and drums, and now we have over 2100 stringed instruments in the showroom in a very wide selection.

Which highlights in your store would you like to tell us about?

A GREAT guest: A few years ago, a band came into our store and looked around in a good mood in all departments, one of my employees disappeared with them for about 20 minutes in the luggage storage. After they came back to the counter area we chatted a bit and the musicians were busy with some of our instruments and other things on display. I sat at my desk the whole time, but at some point, because I was curious, I went to the front of the counter to see who was there, with so much fun and who animated our store. One of the musicians pointed to the Fender magazine that was on the counter and said "Look that's my son on the cover of that magazine!". My co-worker who was in charge of the band at our store responded "Oh, you Must be very proud of him." and he said "Yes I am." - The cover of Fender magazine featured Albert Hammond Junior, our customer was Albert Hammond!!!

An Accolade: Beginning in 2009, and continuing into 2017, I (Armin Engelhard) toured with the world famous fingerstyle guitarist Tommy Emmanuel. These concert tours, where I was Tommie's personal sound engineer (one of three technicians worldwide), took me to Germany, England, Scotland, Ireland, Israel and Kazakhstan. A great experience and of course quite a reputation for the owner of a guitar store. Tommy Emmanuel is, after all, the biggest name in fingerstyle worldwide.

A funny incident: a few years ago, a very well-known customer came into our store and I recognized him immediately. Since he wanted to order a repair, I sent him directly to the electronics shop. From there I could hear the following conversation:

Technician: "OK, I have noted everything down, now I still need your name." Customer: "Wader"

Technician: "Wader, like Hannes Wader?"

Customer: "Yes exactly, like Hannes Wader!" - He had to say that, because the customer was Hannes Wader.

 Why do you sell Ovation Guitars and what do you think is unique about this brand?

As a real rock'n'roll store you have to have Ovation guitars in the showroom. The look and the Lyrachord body are unique - and much copied ;-)

The whole Story of Farm-Sound:

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