How did you get to open your store? What is the story behind it?

We are located in the Dresden Neustadt since 2009 - the first store was a paradise for guitarists, but it had some disadvantages, which is why we started looking for a new location in 2013 - since 2013 we are in our new store with more space, much larger assortment and new possibilities for our customers on the Alaunstraße, in the heart of Dresden Neustadt

Which highlights in your store would you like to tell us about?

In addition to many workshops, our so-called in-store sessions took place, in which we gave local bands the opportunity to present themselves unplugged - due to Corona we had to give up the project for the moment, but in 2022 there will be a comeback - every year we had a stage at the "Bunten Republik Neustadt" (the district festival of Dresden Neustadt, with over 100,000 visitors every year) and celebrated there from 2013 to 2019 with a total of over 100 bands and artists.

Why do you sell Ovation Guitars and what do you think is unique about this brand?

"The first thing that catches the eye is of course the appearance (interesting tops, the typical Ovation sound holes and the distinctive roundback)

When playing they convince mainly by very pleasant handling and a surprisingly fat sound for the relatively small body

Ovation shows their great strength especially at the pickup, which makes them optimal "workhorses" for the stage"